Friday, February 20, 2015

Why You Should Be Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

Why You Should Be Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

There are some differing opinions out there about when and how often you should be brushing your hair. Over brushing and harsh brushing can definitely lead to loss and breakage, and definitely be careful brushing wet hair (I don’t brush my hair wet ever!). There are definitely some benefits to brushing your hair.

1. Natural Oils

Your scalp produces natural oils that are good for your hair. By brushing your hair you are distributing those oils into your hair to keep it moisturized, shiny and healthier.

2. Smooth 

By brushing your hair out and distributing those healthy, natural oils, you are also smoothing out your hair’s cuticles for a smoother, softer and shinier appearance.

3. Remove Dirt and Dandruff

Your hair takes a lot of abuse, like products and pollution. By brushing your hair regularly you are helping work some of those things out and keeping it from settling on your hair making it dull and rough.

4. Increase Circulation

A nice massaging brushing session (3-5 minutes of GENTLE brushing) stimulates blood flow in your scalp which means a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth.

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